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Thanks for a successful 2019 Festival of Two Rivers

While the weather did not look too promising on Saturday morning for our festival, everything worked out well thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. Special thanks to our first chairs Tommy Arceneaux and Richard Venable, our second chairs Kevin Tate and Jeff Ward, and our third chairs Derek and Cynthia Evans. On behalf of these chairs, I want to say thanks to all of the committee chairs who did a fantastic job of coordinating the many parts that make up a festival weekend. 
To attempt to list every individual would result in many names left out. If you were involved in the planning, preparation, or execution of any aspect of our festival, we are thankful for your help, whether you were part of security, the great food, the drinks, the cakes and sweets, the raffles, the ride passports and tickets, the T-shirts, decorations, putting up and taking down the booths, the parking area, putting up signs, the plants, the frozen food, the bank, the runners, crafts, or set up. Thanks for all who took care of the games, including the horse shoe tournament. Many thanks to all of our sponsors and all who gave donations. 
The festival always requires effort from the entire parish to put it together, especially all who come out to support the event with money. The success of an event like this is always the blessing of God and thanks to the work and support of so many. At this writing, Daryl Serio, our finance chair, tells me that the festival grossed right around $200,00. This plus the auction in March, which is part one of the Festival of Two Rivers that netted $199,508.50, places the total for both around $400,000. Thank you, parishioners of St. Alphonsus and our many friends from the Central community who support us. 
May the Lord bless each of you.
Fr. Mike

Fr. Mike Moroney

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