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Parish School of Religion

At Home - Students in K through 11th Grade

In this model, parents provide faith formation in the home for students in Kindergarten -- through 11th grade to complete assignments.  In addition, the parents, mentors and young people will attend five meetings that will provide information, answer questions, take assessments, and help assess progress. This program begins in September.

Learning Groups – Students in K through 11th Grade

This program provides religious education to Catholic children attending secular schools. They are facilitated by a catechist in a classroom setting using textbooks, music, videos, etc. to enhance their learning experience.  This group meets 18 times a year for an hour and a half.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer as aides in the class.


Early Bird Faith Formation Registration for 2018-2019

The early bird registration period will begin on June 1st and end on June 30th. In order to complete early registration, forms and payment must be received by June 30th. There are two options to register your child:

1) Click here for all information regarding early bird registration, including pricing and the printable form. Either mail or drop off the form with payment to the Faith Formation Office at St. Alphonsus Church by June 30, 2018.

2) Fill out the registration form online and submit payment through WeShare. 


Regular Faith Formation Registration for 2018-2019

For regular registration July 1-31, use the following information and form to register.


Late Faith Formation Registration for 2018-2019

For late registration after August 1, 2018, use the following information to register.


For additional information, contact Cindi in the Faith Formation Office at 225-261-4644. 

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