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As we enter into the season of Lent, let us turn our focus to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. During this special season, we have many opportunities to grow in our prayer life and deepen our relationship with Christ Jesus. 




Walk to Jerusalem

As a St. Alphonsus Church community, we will be on a walk to Jerusalem this Lenten season. Parishioners are invited to participate in the WALK TO JERUSALEM program, which was developed by St. John Providence Health System and designed to increase the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of participants. The goal is to walk enough miles through the Lenten season to reach Jerusalem by Easter. Our path from St. Alphonsus to Jerusalem is a total of 6,885 miles. As of Week 2, our parish has walked 4,045 miles. 
Each week participants will be able to submit their mileage in one of two ways:
2. Write your name and mileage on a slip of paper like the one below and drop it in the designated box in the Gathering Space each weekend at Mass. We will collect and update the mileage in the church announcements each week.  
As you begin each week, you are invited to focus on the weekly scripture, meditation/reflection, and health message, which will be provided in the bulletin, on the church website, and on the church Facebook page.  We invite you to read the scripture passage before starting your physical activity for the week, and as you complete your mileage throughout the week, meditate on the reflection.  The health message will give you nutrition and wellness advice which will relate back to the scripture reading and reflection for the week.
If your fitness calling does not include walking or running, no need to worry. Any fitness or cardio activity (such as swimming or biking, to name a few) lasting 20 minutes will count as 1 mile on this journey to Jerusalem. 
So please come on this spiritual journey with us as we become more physically active while also deepening our relationship with God!
*Please note that there is no formal sign-up or registration required.  Anyone can join in each week and submit their mileage.
Walk to Jerusalem Weekly Mileage Form:      
Family name: ___________________
Mileage: _______ miles
1 mile = 1 mile of walking or running
1 mile = 20 minutes of fitness or cardio activity such as swimming or biking 
Please drop off in the designated box in the Gathering Space.

Weekly Scriptures/Meditations: Fourth Sunday of Lent

“You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth. Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.”

Lord, help me to shine the light of your joy and love wherever I walk. Give me the humility to do it only to please you, not to seek earthly praise and respect. My only goal is heaven.

Health message: Fad diets can be tempting. They offer quick fixes and overnight results. But how realistic are they to follow for the rest of your life? Look at what is realistic for you. The best option is moderation – include all food groups in your diet because each food group contains important nutrients for your body. Challenge—Reassess your outlook on nutrition/diet; do what is best for you instead of what other people say is best.


Below you will find online resources to use this Lenten Season:


FORMED has many resources, reflections, short videos, and movies that you and your family can utilize this Lenten season.  It’s free to use, it just requires an email address.

Visit for more.


Busted Halo

Busted Halo offers daily reflections to use on your Lenten journey.  Also, there are short video clips explaining the meaning of the season and Ash Wednesday. 


“Lent in Three Minutes”

“Holy Week in Three Minutes”

“Ash Wednesday in Two Minutes”


Loyola Press

Loyola Press offers several resources for Lent, from explaining Ash Wednesday, the Lenten Season, to daily reflections, book ideas, activities, virtual Stations of the Cross, and much more! 



Reflection of Fasting

The USCCB offers this reflection of Lenten Fasting. 



Dynamic Catholic

Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic offer daily reflections delivered right to your inbox in this program called “Best Lent Ever”


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