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Decor Committee

This committee seeks to create a liturgical environment that is welcoming, invites contemplation, and creates a sense of holiness. The committee strives to create a prayerful and refreshing environment.


Easter Decor Schedule 2023

Palm Sunday, April 2 Set Up

Thursday, March 30

Paul will deliver palmettos

Friday, March 31 @ 9:30 am

Decorate church

Shred palmettos, make arrangements

Hang red banners on altar and columns

Place reed baskets at each entrance

Place one basket with palms for procession by entrance to sacristy, one empty basket on left side of altar


Monday April 3 @ 9:30 am

Take Palm Sunday décor down

Fluff potted flowers and prepare for installation


Holy Thursday, April 6

Place baskets and towels on altar

Hang white fabric banner on altar

After evening service, strip altar (Altar Society)

Prepare for Good Friday Service

Cover crucifix with red fabric and crown of thorns

Place stand for small cross on altar, wrap with red fabric

Place small cross in back by cry room

Place tall kneeler at base of altar steps, cover with red fabric

Place tomb in back by sacristy


Good Friday, April 7

After evening service, remove red fabric from crucifix

Hang white fabric on crucifix

Hang risen Christ banner, vine will be attached to pole

Place flowers and plants on altar

Dress altar and tables

Hang column banners

Place small cross in Gather Space and decorate

Decorate tomb with plants and flowers



Thanks for your help!


Liturgy Committee

Liturgy Committee

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