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Service Learning Information and Service Form

In our Confirmation program, we recognize that our youth need to go beyond just "doing service and counting hours". We see a need for promoting healthy choices for our teens so they are able to grow and develop a lifelong service ethic.

Each year candidates will be required to participate in a church-sponsored group service project. The Central Community, Outreach to the larger community and the Church Parish will be the focus of the various projects. Candidates must complete a "Service Learning Form" for each project they complete. The form is to be turned into the Faith Formation Office within three weeks of completion of the project. Service Learning Forms are available in the Faith Formation Office or complete the form below and submit.

Each candidate is asked to consider participating in one of the ministries at St. Alphonsus Parish. Candidates can view a list of ministries and he/she may select one that appeals to them. This can be used as service hours for Catholic or Public Schools that required students to have service hours. Ministry involvement and the group service project can be used as service for Confirmation.

Before the beginning of the third year, (11th grade), the candidates will be interviewed. At that time, they will have the opportunity to explain their service projects, how these projects made a difference in their lives and how they are planning to be of service in the future.

Click for the Printable Service Form, or fill out the form below to submit online. 



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