Corpus Christi Prayer Group

The Corpus Christi Prayer Group meets the first and third Thursday of each month in the St. Joseph room of the Multi-purpose building from 7-9 pm. We praise and worship God for an hour, then have talks, teachings or testimonies for twenty minutes. Prayers are offered for anyone who wants or needs them. This is an open invitation for anyone. Looking to strengthen or grow in an intimate relationship with the Lord? You can do that here. This will teach you how to walk in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Contact: Reneé Elliott, 774-8936

Divine Mercy Chaplet

The Divine Mercy Novena begins Wednesday, February 27 at 6:00 PM in the church. Please consider making this 9-week Novena a part of your Lenten preparations. Our Lord said, “Through the Chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with my will.”

Each week, we will meet at 6 PM in the Church, except on Ash Wednesday. On March 6th, we will meet for the novena at 5:15 PM before the 6 PM Mass.

Contact: Donna Speeg, 921-8037

Staff Liaison: Fr. Michael Moroney, 261-4650

Family Adoration (Monthly)

All parishioners and their families are invited to attend Parish Adoration on the first Saturday of every month. Join us in the Church for Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament beginning at 8:30 AM. Our next Saturday is March 2, 2019Then join us for donuts in the St. Francis Room after Adoration.

Please note this includes children of all ages, parents, grandparents, singles, and married couples. 

Prayer Line

This ministry is for special needs and urgent prayer requests. Prayer requests will be received by the chairperson and passed to those serving in this ministry by telephone the day it is received. This ensures a quick response for prayers. We have two lines, daytime and evening. If you are not able to receive calls during the day you will be assigned to the evening line. If you have a physical limitation or are homebound and wish to be involved this is the perfect ministry for you as the only requirement is a telephone and some time.

Contact: Mary Frederick, 261-5145 or Adam & Eloise Landry, 261-8854

Prayer Lists

Pray for the Sick

Please note: Names are removed after eight weeks. Call the office to put name back on the list.

Holly Hart, Jeff Ferguson, Liam Thistlewaite, Al Felps, Ben Crifasi, Jr., Nicholas LaCroix, Kenny Achord, P.H. Zito, Leeann Eddleman, Patsy Sagona, Jim Rabalais, Gene LaCombe, Wick Samson, Patsy Spiller, Karen Rabalais, Glenda Rispone, Charles Curry, Billy Stears, Luke Allen, GiGi Chenevert, Dr. Stephen Speeg, Betty Castor, Blanche Hoover, Judy Jurey, Renee Guerin, Wayne Billings, Mildred Smith, Hope Broadus, Pat Matthews, Joy Lonibos, Sharon Loeb, Margaret Smith, Laurence LeSage, Jaycee Richard, Gary Saucier, Darrell Firmin, Alexander Landry, Sally Stears, Allan Eddy, Bart Crochet, Monica Kelly, Randy LeBlanc, Sheretta Warren, April Johnson, Coco, Jane Yates, Johnny Lane, Sharon Atkinson, Sharon Spillers, John Roberts,  Carolyn Watts, John Durrett, Michael Pecoraro, Bruce Mayeaux, Vince Dileo, Jr., Fannie Schittone, Betty BeJeaux, Kairi Neal, Brenda Guerin, Datz Family, Schittone Family, Ronnie Collette, Jane Mizell, Marlene LeBlanc, Catherine Willis, Lynette Shaffett, Tiffany Penton, Larry Bueche, Ashley Smith, Chris Dickerson, John Martone, Mike Kelly, Jerry Travis, Courtney Brock, Carol Roberts, Mary Beth Browning, Fisk Morris, Jean Firmin, Lisa Graffeo, Mollea Hood, Ashlea Hood, Michael Morales, Dana Rogers, Gloria “Jinkie” Phillips, Theresa Ognibene, Adrian Kaiser, John Larkin, Savannah McNair, Briggs Elliser, Anita Bueche, Anna Kirby, Jamie Samson, Louis Lamar Bordelon, Thomas Stewart, John LeGrange, Paul Burns, E.L. Gueho, Mildred Faul, Charlie Firmin, Kathy Madere, Paden Mouton, Krystal Feltman, Melanie Way, Sandy Dares, Ashlynn Ferguson, Barbara Simoneaux, Millie Strickland, Wayne & Carolyn Rogillio, Patsy York, Elmo Graffeo, Sonya Clement, Theresa Whiteside, Kenny Miller, Betty Chenevert, Tommy Johnson,

Pray for our Expectant Families

Pray for expectant families who are members of the parish and have been entrusted with a new life to nurture and love: Ross & Ashleigh St. Germain, Ryan & Lauren Blanchard, Thomas & Lindsey McClure, Clint & Cheree Case, Stokka & Camille Brown, John & Laura Calhoun, Lance & Jennifer LePine, and Kyle & Andrea Tonguis. If you know someone expecting, please call the Parish Office at 225-261-4650. 

Pray for those serving our country

If you have a family member serving in the military, please call 261-4650, and let us know the name, rank and branch of military.

ARMY: Captain Chad A. Alford, Warrant Officer Jody K. Hunt, Captain Brian C. Greco, Specialist Sam Lockwood, Specialist E-4 Charles N. Garner, Lt. Col. Keith Madere

LA NATIONAL GUARD: Spec4 Terrell Vidrine, Scott Armand

AIR FORCE: Airman First Class James Barbier, Sr., Airman Madison T. Polk

NAVY: Lt. Com. Glenn P. Lumpkin, Jr., Chad Domm, AD3 Tyler Comeaux, S.N. Tyler Fontenot

U.S. MARINE CORPS: Captain Blaine Ballard

Staff Liaison: Sara Puissegur, 261-4650

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